Provider Login

Welcome to the online E-PreAuth (For Cashless Hospitalization)

To seek hospitalization you have to make a request by providing the details contained in the cashless request Form. Authorization is issued for admission and treatment up to a value as deemed fit by the insurer, for treatment by the hospital.

E-PreAuth offers convenient access to the Cashless Facility at your desktop

Benefits of E Pre-auth

  • Accelerated pre-auth process
  • Convenience – anywhere anytime access
  • Reduced Paper work and physical wait time
  • Know your pre-auth status online
  • Avoids cumbersome fax process (details not visible, fax misplaced, seeking confirmation, etc.)
  • Accurate data capture
  • Cost Saving

Hospital are requested to contact medsave team to avail E Pre-auth. You may please contact our Network Team to avail E Pre-auth facility


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