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Parameter Description
General Intimation : Select if you are doing general intimation same day
Late General Intimation : If you have received general intimation through letter, fax, email etc and doing general intimation after day of receipt in that case select Late General Intimation.
Card No. : Only Card No is allowed for searching to complete the general intimation. However if you do not have card no. you can search card no. by entering the policy no.
Admission Date : Enter the valid admission date i.e. date between the policy starting date and policy maturity date.
SEARCH CARD NO. : You can search card no through policy no. by following the below steps.
Enter policy no in place of card no. press TAB
A popup will apear on the screen
If you are searching corporate policy no. then enter the employee code otherwise leave the box blank.
Click search button
Cards No with member name will appear on the popup
Select Card No and click on continue
Card No. will be filled automatically in the main card no. box
Intimation Date : Enter Intimation Date If you have seleted Late General Intimation Option. In case "of General Intimation" system will automatically take the current date as intimation date.
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Use Card No. for intimation for better performance. If you do not have Card No.
Card No.* Admission Date*